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My practice has varied over the years, oscillating between personal and objective, political and purely aesthetic, but always relating to my environment and what strikes me as different and worthy of attention in the places I find myself. I was initially drawn to photography with an interest in photojournalism, obsessed with those documenting the North of England in particular, Martin Parr, Daniel Meadows and the Amber Collective, as well as the New Topographics photographers, and their ability to turn even the most seemingly mundane subjects into a work of art.

I am working to develop my practice in a similar way; mixing reportage and fine art. I find something of interest to me and build a project around it, utilising a range of methods and media. I draw a lot of inspiration from art and social history, architecture, politics and the strange and uncanny elements within, often hidden beneath the surface.

Technology, the Internet and social media, are always either the focus of my work or at least used within. I am interested in the ways in which photography is developing in an everyday context within the digital sphere; screenshots for example are just as valuable, if not more, to me as photographs of the ‘real’ world. A majority of my projects include screenshots of places from street view in Google Maps, as well as aerial shots. Often referencing the so-called New Aesthetic, and Post-Internet theories.

Many of my recent works involve a great amount of research, which is key to, and often an active part of the final piece. An interest in curation has developed as a result of this and increasingly my pieces are an amalgamation of materials from various sources, appropriated or abstracted. Combined with my own photographs the final presentation reveals or hints at something, to make a point or tell a story.