Final Exhibition

So here it is; the long awaited and much anticipated post about the final exhibition.

I’ve been busy and lazy in equal parts recently, the exhibition was on 29th May and it’s taken me to whatever day it is today i really don’t know, to finally bother to do this, i’m terrible.

Anyway, the year has been amazing, met some fantastic people with ridiculous amounts of talent, so excited to see where everyone finds themselves in the next ten years. A few of us were able to collect our marks today (Distinction for moi) and i’m not surprised at all how well people have done, so many distinctions. The course got an ‘outstanding’ from OFSTED this year and, again, i am not at all surprised, best marks they’ve had yet as well, feel proud to have been part of it all.

The actual exhibition was brilliant, loved everything in it, the catalogue really topped it off as well it was great to be a part of, well done to everyone else who worked to get it all completed in time for the night.

On to some nice photos. Refer to this post for what my presentation was all about.


15 minute snippet from my moving image piece:


All 12 contact sheets.





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