Wow i’m so bad at blogging.

Things have been hectic obviously (excuses excuses) so hopefully i can be forgiven, there’s only a week to go until the final major project has to be completed, up in our spaces, ready for assessment and the exhibition.

This is the space i’ll be in look at the state of it… wall

Thankfully it is now sorted, sanded and roller’d to an inch of its life. Ready for my 12 A3 prints of contact sheets (those ones from my diana mini) to go up and be all interesting and artsy and stuff. In addition to those i’ll have a video installation type thing, i’m thinking it’ll be on a small monitor/screen thing, or projected, not sure yet. With only a week to go this is exactly the sort of indecision I need. (Dat sarcasm)


Don’t think i’ve mentioned the moving image aspect here yet have I, it’s something i’m completely new to but i’ve gone for it and quite enjoyed it. It consists of a recording of a powerpoint slideshow, just filled with shedloads of images from my phone, 660 to be precise (why didn’t I make it 666… a missed opportunity), interspliced (no that isn’t a word) with clips of video I filmed around my living room at home. The slideshow part links to the contact sheets with that idea of “too much information”, it’s all representative of my current position in life, where my head’s at (i.e all over the place), here’s all the photos off my phone you can see what sort of crap I photograph/screenshot which I may or not share with friends or indeed post on twitter, it’s a sort of piss take of social media and those who feel the need to share EVERY aspect of their lives with their “friends” online (no I don’t care if your (ugly) baby is “a bit poorly :(“, soz). The video footage is the kind of flip-side of that, it’s smooth and calm, filmed in my home where i’ve been spending less and less time of late due to being in that weird leaving-home-but-no-quite-having-left-completely-yet phase. Which has left me being in a pretty much constant state of what i can only describe as floating, if ya get me, aside from when i’m at home, the one constant thing i’ve had forever that i’ve still currently got. Anywhere else I find myself, I feel such a mix  of emotions ranging from fear to as happy as it’s possible to feel, it’s just mad and the best thing ever and slightly unsettling, i’m assuming this is what it feels like to “grow up”, the contact sheets and slideshow are there to, hopefully, show that.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 11.31.56


Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 11.41.07

Again, I hope this all makes sense hahaha. Can’t wait for the exhibition, i’ll obviously be doing a post about that when it’s over. Can’t believe this foundation year is pretty much over already, it’s gone so fast. Bring on the next three years, to be spent in London, at LCC, studying photography… Scared lolz.


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