Week 4

Only now has it occurred to me it might have been a nice idea to do a weekly update on the status of my final major project… so here we are at week 4 out of 9, pretty much half way. Sorry about that, I know you’re all gutted, better late than never though k.

Anyway, the title of my self-proposed final project is Closed Circuit, referring of course to CCTV/the all-seeing-eye that is surveillance/the media/the man. An article on Vice recently quite interestingly pointed out how preposterous it is that the loss of an actual real life massive plane could occur in spite of the worryingly constant gaze that besets us all. This was wonderfully relevant to my theme based loosely around ideas of the fact we’re pretty much being filmed and documented constantly these days, what can be and is done with this sort of information (media etc) and what is disregarded, people only ever care to actually take note of the footage/photos etc when something out of the ordinary is happening, when events and/or the people involved “matter”. Who is to judge though?

I hope this is all making sense, basically I just want you to question the worth of what you see, what’s presented to you on a daily basis via newspapers and adverts, the internet, whatever. Don’t take any photograph at face value whether at first glance it appears mundane and devoid of worth or the opposite, read about it, research whatever is in the image the place the person, look at various sources, I dunno, just think about things more. Anything can be shown out of context, blown out of proportion. Often an image is underwhelming, pick it apart until it isn’t.

What I’ve kind of ended up doing, which I think will be what I continue with to be forming a major part of my final exhibition, is just taking photos constantly with my diana mini using 35mm b&w film. Wherever I am just whenever I remember. Kind of like a third eye, a lot of the photos kind of look like snippets from my vision, mid blink, extracted from right behind my eye, or like vague memories of the day ripped from my brain or something.

I’m being watched constantly yet taken no notice of like the majority of us all, so I will document my own days and the world around me myself, and you will look at it. (I’ll probably rewrite most of this once I’ve figured out how to make it make more sense)

Anyway here are the photos I’ve got so far. More to come once I’ve developed/printed more.


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