8 thoughts on “Venice

  1. Nice! 0.0

    I love the photo of that couple walking in the water and the photo of that translucent curtain hiding part of the scene that lies behind it.

    Ilford HP 5+?

    Which camera?

    I have a Minolta SR-T 303 ^_^

    • Thank you so much! The floods in Venice are beautiful.
      Yep, mixture of 125 and 400.
      I think the camera was a Pentax me… I borrowed it from my university they have an amazing range or cameras. Pretty similar to your Minolta actually, brilliant camera.

      • Wow your University has a camera collection? Hmm. . . I think I’ll rob your University very soon. You can be part of ‘Timid’s 11’ if you want to. We need an inside (wo)man anyway.
        *This comment will self-delete in 5 seconds*

      • Yep I can borrow any time I want! Hahaha it would be worth your while I must admit, there’s a lot of impressive equipment in there.

        Ooooh I am intrigued… What does this involve exactly…?

      • Nothing in particular coz it was just a joke. By Timid’s 11 I was referring to Ocean’s 11 😉

        I guess you haven’t watched that film.

        Hmm. . .

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