An American Dream

Three images I think i have settled upon as final, final pieces to show in an upcoming mini exhibition with other foundation students on my course. Each image is taken, via Google Maps, in one of the “three worst places to live in America” (according to this), namely Springfield MA, Hartford CT and Detroit MI. I’m not saying these are the definitive worst places ever and that they’re terrible and you should not dare set foot there for fear of encountering such situations as only Ross Kemp to be capable of escaping alive, this is merely what I have found, as an outsider, a foreigner, my only eyes into these communities being through Google Maps’ Street View feature. I just settled on screenshots I found interesting, faceless people frozen in an image that may or may not actually define them, camera glitches that add to and emphasize the dream-like effect of the whole experience. Make of these images what you will, but I think they show a forgotten America, these places once so prosperous and apparently fundemental in the growth of the US, now barely-breathing examples of the cruel illusion that is the American Dream.


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