Street Views

Today I took a trip around the world. Via Google maps of course. Being part of my Gameplay project I found the experience rather like that of a game, exploring new places, not knowing what’s around the next corner. I’d first looked at the work of Fernando Pereira Gomes, who, in his series “Replicants”, utilized the state of the art hyper-realistic graphics of the latest Grand Theft Auto game, taking photographs with the in-game camera phone much as he would in real life. The figures in the photographs reminded me of the people you see in street view, so anonymous and frozen in a moment. Turns out ‘Google street view photography’ is quite an established thing, Jon Rafman has found some brilliant scenes, and I hoped I could make an attempt myself. I “traveled” to a few places i’d always wanted to go and some i’d already been, featured images are from Ukraine, Peru, South Korea and Croatia.

4 thoughts on “Street Views

      • It’s funny that anyone can “visit” any place. . . including that Croatian quarry you “stopped by”.

        The feeling that you’re always being watched. Ugh!

        Thanks for liking my blog. Being timid is fun coz nobody expects you to throw a punch 😉



      • Yes exactly! The wonders of google maps.
        Hahaha it’s fine, it’s good to know there’s other people who love street photography but find it awkward sometimes haha.

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