ImageResult from the last, and one of my favourite, rotations so far on this splendid Art Foundation course – fine art. Stupid as it sounds, I spent a while stressing over what fine art even was, and if it was something I could do. It just has to look good really, interesting, thought provoking, without doing much else, I concluded. Art for your wall or hallway or something. I haven’t done much fine art in the past i don’t think, I’ve enjoyed drawing and I’ve attempted to paint etc but not properly, not with a real aim of producing a piece of “fine art”, something that perhaps just looks good for the sake of it? I dunno.

Anyway, this is what i did. I’d say my main area of artistic interest is photography, more specifically documentary and street photography, so I decided to let my hair down a bit and go wild with my digital polaroid camera. Through a series of experiments with sandpaper, fire and multiple ‘exposures’, this is what I produced (ft. Melissa and some field in Belgium). It’s pretty trippy and surreal, I like it.


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